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Nowy rekord 2050?
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Data: 20 Dec 2004 - 11:18:14

Dostałem od kolegi petera Stargalli maila następujacej, nie ukrywajmy sensacyjnej treści:

Here is a translation of Expedition Report:

In the evening Saturday 23, members of the Ukranian Speleological
(this is their 3rd expedition in the "Call of the Abyss" Project in
2004; members from Kiev, Yalta, Kharkov and Uzgorod city and towns)
have returned to the surface.

As follows from message of expedition leader--Yuri Kasyan: in
expedition was explored new part of the cave beginning approximately
50m upper of the end sump (-1823 m) of the new (August expedition
exploration) "Collector" portion of the cave.
Depth level of -2000m was obviously crossed, and it is possible to
speak about an approximate final depth of -2050m. The exploration
finished as a dry sand cork.

A full survey was made of the new part of cave as well as a re-survey
of the section from first sump(-1430m) to camp at -1648m. There is
the beginning of cave part known as the "Collector". Re-survey data
has excellent correlation with the data from last August survey.

Official message about this expedition results and data of final
cave depth shall be after expedition returns home and complete
process of survey data done.

Detail information about the "Call of the Abyss" Project expeditions
with photos, and new survey parts as well as summary of Krubera
(Voronja) Cave survey will be published in the next issue of
"Svet" ("The Light") Magazine.

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